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Biography usher
Usher Terry Raymond IV, when she was 6 years old, Jonnetta Patton served as director of the choir began singing, joined the local church choir at the request of his mother. Usher family at age 12 in Atlanta, Georgia, before moving to Patton, single mothers are, Chattanooga, in Tennessee, Usher and his brother, James raised.

Singer cited as his best friend, Usher's manager mother, he moved to Atlanta lalu.Setelah is a full-time in his career to lead the task became a teen star after years of retirement followed, Asher began to participate in local talent shows began to participate in various local talent dalamberbagai menunjukkanUsher. That he Bryant leads his brother Antonio Reed, co-president and R & B producer famous for LaFace Records ('Kenneth Babyface "Edmonds" with), it was discovered by, in 1992, a part of the exhibition other.

Bryant has been arranged for Usher to audition for his brother, producer of the popular shooting talent precocious young singers soon - legend is said to offer a contract in place Usher Reid. Usher, are recorded and released their debut album on LaFace in 1994. Usher when he was working on the album is just 14 years old, puberty proved somewhat interfere in the process. As a result, manufacturers will lead to some vocal coach for him to finish the record. Their efforts, many interested listeners, of course, as the album captures the spirit of a young Usher and native singing prowess, has not been wasted.
After high school, he was to record the efforts of the year in his "My Way" was produced by Jermaine Dupri's So So deflation cord enters the studio, at the age of 19 laps of Usher, in October 1997 was released. Notes the success of the first hit single very classic R & B tradition, "I Want You Make", which is expected to be a passionate love song. "This song is a giant IM, or standing near the top of the Billboard R & B singles from the time of release, and they spent considerable time # 2 position in a single pop, Elton The second most popular version of "Candle in the wind '97. "My Way" Success, "We are proving that winning the hearts of legions of teenage crooner listener. In addition, he shows a maturity and artistic decorated with since his debut recording. This Time, Usher writes her own songs, write down five tracks of the album 09.
The remaining four songs, Babyface and Teddy Riley and producer Dupri, donated big R & B. Dupri album together, six months living in the House of Usher while recording the time, he helps to understand each other they said, Dupree Island provides Usher of the growth of real experience in his life was. "My Way" is also a second, hit singles chart put a choke hold on that release, "Nice & Slow", to produce a video for the track to collect its fair share of critical acclaim and. Hip-hop director Hype Williams filmed the famous video of the shooting in Paris, has a dramatic story romantic song itself almost comparable. He was in his young career, when the broadcast came in winning one of the few blemishes, he also received a Grammy nomination for "make me seem" because, by men When Soul Train Award winner Usher Best R & B single year 1997, he was rated the strength of recent studies, before an international television audience by mistake, "Bill" and the Year Award Winner Bob Dylan's albums were released. For the most part, however, TV is good for children.

Such "Oprah Winfrey Show" (1986) show that in addition to various programs, such as bran starring pop singer Dino Wood also over Usher, syndicated TV show "Moesha" (1996), and regularly character has become. Jeremy Asher Davis, appeared in several episodes of boarding school students involved in romantic characters of the title of the event. In the future, however, concentrates on the ability to take Usher music to the next level by perfecting skills as a live performer. He had a lot of practice Diddy trips P. "No Way Out spectacular, with Mary J. Blige and its national tour.

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